The Mission of doofood

Our mission is to make healthy Korean food as accessible as possible to everyone.

How it all started - from the founder

I'm DooJin, the founder of doofood, and I'm on a mission to make healthy Korean food accessible to everyone.

It all started in 2013 when I lost my dad to liver cancer. The experience of watching my loved one take his last breath made me realize the importance of health, and I became obsessed with it.

In 2016, as a newlywed, my wife and I faced a challenge: neither of us knew how to cook Korean food. This issue wasn't unique to us; many of our friends struggled with it too.

Realizing that providing a Korean meal kit service would be a perfect way for me to pursue my passion for eating healthy while helping others eat healthy as well, I launched doofood in 2017.

We've steadily grown from local deliveries to covering the Northeast, and now we deliver nationwide within the US.

My family uses doofood on a daily basis. Every ingredient you receive is the same ingredient I enjoy with my wife and children.

It's my hope that our service can help you and your family live healthier and happier lives.