This is sample faq

This is sample FAQ

Does DOOFOOD credit expire?

If I cancel my future order, how am I refunded?

When will I be charged?


Are DOOFOOD ingredients non-GMO?

How does DOOFOOD obtain nutritional contents of each recipes?

How do I know I'm eating variety of Vitamins and Minerals from DOOFOOD?

Does DOOFOOD offer any special type of meals?

Does any of DOOFOOD recipe include MSG?


I want to work at DOOFOOD. Who can I talk to?

Who should I contact for vendor/supplier inquiry?

How do I contact customer service?

Does DOOFOOD have mobile app?


Do I have to eat the food on the day of delivery?

Is the receipe included in the Meal Kit?

What kitchen tools do I need to cook DOOFOOD?

Do I have to wash ingredients?

How long does it take to cook DOOFOOD?

Which ingredients do you assume I have at home?

Does DOOFOOD meal kit offer rice as well?


Is there a minimum order amount to place an order?

How do ingrediets stay fresh during transit?

What time will DOOFOOD delivery arrive?

Where does DOOFOOD deliver to?

Do I have to be home to receive delivery?

Will ingredients be ok outside?