Pork Cutlet (돈까스)

Tender, seasoned, and fried to perfection. A flavorful and satisfying dish with a delightful crunch.

14 Min


Rice recommended / Not spicy

A tender and succulent piece of pork, expertly seasoned and coated with breadcrumbs or batter, then fried or baked to create a delectably crispy exterior. The result is a flavorful and satisfying dish that combines the juicy goodness of pork with a delightful crunch.

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30 gram

Bread crumb

3 gram

Sesame seed

70 gram


260 gram

Pork loin

10 gram


Not included in your delivery

Olive OIl


  • • Pan



Spread out bread crumb on a plate.

Lay flat pork loin on top of the bread crumb.

Pat it down to ensure the crumb evenly cover the surface.


Pour enough olive oil on a pan (about 2cm) for the loin to be partially submerged later.

Heat on medium-high heat until it starts to boil.

Add a sprinkle of bread crumbs.
If it makes a popping sound, it's ready (if not, boil a bit more).

Add 1pc of pork loin to the pan.
Boil on medium heat for 1 minute.

Watch this video as a guide.


Flip the pork loin in the pan.

Add the 2nd pork loin to the pan.
Boil for 4~5 minutes while flipping them every minute (until it exhibits a yellowish color).


Lay paper towels on a plate.
Take out the 1st pork loin and pat it down on the plate.

Take out the 2nd pork loin one minute later.
Pat it down.

Set up salad on a plate.
Pour 1/4 of the sauce on top of the salad.

Pour sesame seed on the rest of the sauce.
Use it as dipping sauce.

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